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Site Selection

Finding the right site can be one of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of the building process. Capstone has the capability to help you in finding the site that meets both your long term and immediate needs.


At Capstone, we believe the pre-construction phase of a project is just as critical as the construction phase. Our approach to pre-construction is to provide the owner, architect, and construction team with accurate information in order to make well informed decisions regarding the project’s schedule, cost, and any areas of concern.

Our pre-construction service includes site feasibility, design coordination, value engineering, cost estimating, and permit and utility coordination.


Capstone Construction Services offers a variety of commercial project delivery systems to match the needs of your business. Each available building process offers its own unique advantages, options, and direct levels of involvement by the owner, allowing us to design the project around your needs.

Design – Build

The Design-Build Delivery System allows us to expedite your project much more quickly than traditional methods. This system affords us the opportunity to run concurrent permitting, estimating, and design services for your project, instead of the traditional linear method. By running these processes concurrently, your project can save several months of wasted time and interest, and get your doors open for business much quicker than traditional methods.

General Contractor

The General Contractor Delivery System offers owners a set cost for construction and eliminates many variables and concerns for the owner during the building phase of the project. Capstone Construction Services can bid your project as a lump sum service based off of your architect’s design. This delivery system typically includes supplying all materials, labor, and equipment to complete your project.

Construction Management

The Construction Management Delivery System is an effective tool for streamlining and delivering a large number of construction projects over a large area. If you have a business looking to expand or remodel in multiple areas, Capstone Construction Services can assist you in streamlining your construction processes across multiple states and municipalities.

We use our experience to organize and facilitate the necessary architecture and engineering to meet local codes and requirements. At the same time, we can effectively estimate the work using the proper procedures, strategies, and documentation that can only be gained with experience in the construction industry.

In streamlining your construction needs with us, you gain a team member that works closely with your business. Together, we can work to continually improve processes and exceed your company’s development goals and expectations.

Capstone Construction Services, LLC is Your Local Butler Builder®

At Capstone Construction Services, we are proud to be your local Butler Builder® representing the world’s leading producer of building solutions – Butler Manufacturing™. We are your experienced local construction partner from conceptual design to final landscaping no matter what type of facility you are trying to build.

Our services include:

  • Budgeting and expert Butler building design consultation
  • Pre-construction services
  • Complete construction management services, from permitting to punch out
  • Capstone Construction Services brings together local construction knowledge with a world class building solutions company. Our commitment is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience for their construction project.

Butler is the world’s leading producer of steel building systems they have more than 100 years of experience and is the world’s leading producer of building systems solutions. Ideal for religious, manufacturing, athletic, and community facilities, Butler building and roof systems offer superior performance, aesthetically pleasing design options, and proven sustainability attributes.

Consider teaming with Capstone Construction Services and Butler Manufacturing™ building systems for your next project. Butler Manufacturing™ is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc.

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